Ep 57: All About That Bass (Robofish)

January 09, 2022 MuttStuff Media Season 2 Episode 57
Ep 57: All About That Bass (Robofish)
Show Notes

This week we talk about the effects of invasive species and how robotic fish employing scare tactics as invasive species birth control, another robot fish explores the deep sea floor, and a dead chipmunk on a stick may solve the mystery of an extinct bird while saving another.  Ready? Let's go!

Resources for today's episode: a video by Dr Giovanni Polverino for the University of Western Australia 

Shout out the podcast "Lets Go To Court" as that’s why Lance Bass is on the mind. It’s a running joke through their not-for-children court podcast, but it’s all I could hear in my head every time I read the word "bass"

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