Ep 51: Africanimals

November 14, 2021 MuttStuff Media Season 2 Episode 51
Ep 51: Africanimals
Show Notes

This week, Melissa has a special announcement and revisit of three African animal stories for the History Class of RSU 40 in Waldoboro, Maine. #GoPanthers 

For information on Dr. One Pagan's book launch ("Drunk Flies and Stoned Dolphins: A Trip Through The World of Animal Intoxication") please visit @BaldScientist on Twitter, or Dr.  Oné R. Pagán's website: 

For full resources, please visit:

Episode 1: “These Bees are The Bomb!” (Segment 1 of that episode)

Segment Two: Episode 12: Parachuting Yorkie Saves The Day (segment 1 of that episode)

Segment Three: Episode 23 “Dwarf Giraffes and Two Danny DiVitos” (segment 2 of that episode),different%20medical%20conditions%20cause%20dwarfism.

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