Ep 67: Doom Bloom

April 24, 2022 Season 3 Episode 67
Ep 67: Doom Bloom
Show Notes

An invasive little bugger is murdering trees & plants in mid-Atlantic states by sucking them dry, then uses poisonous poop to finish the job. One hero rises above to turn poisonous poop lemons into delicious vomit lemonade.

Let's go!

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Atlas Obscura:

Philadelphia Bee - Doom Bloom Honey creators:

Extension Penn State U, how to comply with SLF active quarantine regulations:

More about the Spotted Lantern Fly:

A youtube video demonstrating pro tips and tricks, on how to kill the SLF

 And a facebook page because not everything on social media is a dumpster fire. Well, it is, but this should be helpful: 

 For The Love of Nature:

 Intro Music is “Tiptoe out the back” by Dan Lebowicz and Interstitial music is by MK2. Additional music provided by Pixabay and 

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